Code of Behavior With Executive Protection Training

As an EPS executive Protection specialist, you have already received training on security, drawing, loading, malfunctions in addition to some advanced skills i.e., space shooting, harm drills, ground fighting, shooting and moving. This should include supervised live flame CQB close quarters battleĀ  evolutions, risk management plans, weapons safety problems, minimum marksmanship proficiency and target placement zones.

When choosing your Weapon, start looking for 3 big factors: accessibility, simplicity and efficiency. Ensure the weapon you carry is high quality, precise and totally dependable with smooth edges to prevent snagging your lawsuit. Gluck, Limber, H&K and Smith and Wesson pistols are carried by many of the elite-level EPUs on global CXP corporate executive protection assignments. As much as possible, The EPU executive protection unit should attempt to standardize calibers of the weapons for ease of ammunition re-supply, favoring one with readily available ammunition. Carry a weapon just when and where it is authorized and proper to do so. Always check with local laws and ordinances before sending a firearm overseas. We have found in many cases, the only way to legally carry a firearm on global CXP assignments is via a personal relationship with key leaders within foreign police departments.


EP executive Protection handgun skills and the use of strategies in potential confrontations are beyond the purview of the CXP article. This guide is from a perspective that you need to have all that down by now. However, lots of great training in the fundamentals of safety, manipulation abilities, moving targets and numerous goals should be practiced over and over to gain proficiency and upgrade or update your previously acquired skills.

No matter how good your marksmanship skills are, you cannot manage to have a shootout while on global Pacific West Academy protection assignments. Regardless of what you see in Hollywood films, if EPSs fire a handgun while on assignment, they might find themselves searching for new jobs or might end up in some Third World prison. If a shootout occurs, the responding host country government will investigate and explore the possibility of criminal behavior by the EPS. They have no code of professional courtesy, at all. The nation’s district attorney’s office may also explore shooting resulting in injury, death or property damage. Am not saying that in the event you feel there is a self explanatory threat, you ought not to respond with the essential level of force. Just know the outcome of your actions.